Required Forms

1.  US Rowing WAIVER

In order to participate in the Port Rowing Program, athletes must join USRowing Basic Membership each year. There will be an administrative fee payable to US Rowing for the basic membership. Our club code for US Rowing is 4VWUL. 

Click here to follow the steps to sign the US Rowing waiver.

Click here to Join USRowing

2. SWIM TEST (new rowers only)

To participate in on water training with Port Rowing an athlete must have an active swim test form submitted. The form is valid through his/her rowing career at Port Rowing. The test consists of swimming 100 yards in a pool (any stroke & any time), after the athlete must tread water for 10 minutes. To take the test please download the form and contact the local YMCA, JCC, or other recreational pool to set up a test time. The form requires a registered lifeguard's signature to clear the athlete. If you participate on the High School swim team please have your coach fill out the form, if you are SCUBA certified please staple a copy of your certification to the swim test form. an athlete will not be allowed on the water without a Swim Test.

Click here to Download Swim Test Form.

3.  ATHLETE CONTRACT (spring, summer, and fall teams)

In rowing every athlete must have a level of trust and commitment amongst his/her teammates and coaches. Every season an athlete and parent are required to sign a  contract agreeing to three standards required by all members of the Port Rowing team.

1) Commitment    2) Honesty & Integrity  3) Discipline   4) Conflict Resolution

The contract must be signed and turned in to participate.

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Port Rowing is requiring all Adults & Masters to submit a signed waiver in order to participate in our club program.

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